Union Bank Customer Care

Union Bank Customer Care

Union Bank of India is one of the oldest and largest government-owned public sector banks of India. It is also listed in the Forbes 2000 list with an asset valuation of more than 13.45 Billon USD. It has a wide network of banking branches, ATMs and other offices.  Union Bank operates more than 7000 ATMs all over India. The customers and non-customers can find all details relat4ed to Union Bank customer Care details here.

Union Bank Customer Care Toll-Free Number

Union Bank has a 24×7 Customer Care toll free number and its customers, as well as non-customers, can call 1800 22 2244 to get their queries answered and issues resolved anytime of the day. The customer service team answers queries of its customers in 9 different languages.
There is an alternative toll-free number provided to the customers if they find any difficulty in calling the above number. They can call at 1800 208 2244 and get the assistance of Union Bank customer Care team.
People who enroll in the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) Scheme have been provided with a separate toll-free number and they can call at 1800 22 22 43 to resolve all problems instantly.
The bank has provided a dedicated number for NRIs which they can call to get all their queries answered and issues resolved. They can call at +918025302510 and speak to the Union Bank customer Care representative.
In case customers are not able to contact any of the above-mentioned numbers, they can place a call at 080-25300175. However, calling to this number is chargeable and standard call rates apply for this call.
People can also e-mail their queries, complaints, feedback, and suggestions at Customercare@unionbankofindia.com in order to get their issues resolved through e-mail.

Union Bank of India Central Office

Union Bank of India operates from Mumbai and people can also reach out to the head office to get their queries resolved. The address of the central office is:
Union Bank Bhavan, 239,
Vidhan Bhavan Marg,
Nariman Point, Mumbai,
Maharashtra, India- 400 021

Feedback/ Suggestions at Union Bank

Customers can share their feedback and provide suggestions at https://eremit.unionbankofindia.co.in/feedback/ by filling out a small form that contains details like name, phone number, e-mail address, city and state and the feedback/suggestions.


Union Bank Online Grievance Redressal

Existing customers, as well as non-customers, can file complaints and put forth their grievances in front of Union Bank by visiting https://icmt.unionbankofindia.co.in/icmt/LodgeComplaint.aspx and filling the form. There are two forms- one for existing customers and the other one for non-customers. This mechanism has helped the bank in speedy redressal of grievances and improves the customer service.

Union Bank Grievances Tracking

Once a person files a grievance, he gets a grievance id and password. The user can visit https://icmt.unionbankofindia.co.in/icmt/GrievancesLogin.aspx and fill his grievance id and password to track the status of his complaint.

Union Bank Departmental Heads


Department Personal Banking & Operations
Area of Operation Resources mobilization including SB, CD, Customer Service & Operations
General Manager Mrs. Rekha Nayak
Email Id gm.pbod@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-22896683
Fax number 022 22042010


Department Digital Banking Department
Area of Operation ATMs, Cards, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Online payments, Call Centre, Point of Sales Terminal & Payment Gateway, Cash Management Services
Head Digital Banking Mr. Pravin Sharma
Email Id gm.digitalbanking@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-2289 2530
Fax number 022 22043290


Department Retail Banking & Marketing Department
Area of Operation Retail Loans including Home Loans, Educational Loans, Car loans etc.
General Manager Mrs. Monika Kalia
Email Id gm.rbmd@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-22896601
Fax number 022-22042010


Department Wealth Management & Third Party Products
Area of Operation Life & Non-Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, D-MAT etc.
General Manager Mrs. Monika Kalia
Email Id gm.rbmd@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-2289 6600
Fax number 022-22042010


Department International Banking Division & DFB
Area of Operation International Banking
General Manager Mr. P K Saha
Email Id gm.ibd@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022- 22892101
Fax number 022-22824689


Department Treasury
Area of Operation Treasury Operations
General Manager Mr. P K Saha
Email Id gmtreasury@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022- 2289 2100
Fax number 022-22892144


Department Information Technology
Area of Operation IT Policy, Planning, and Operations pertaining to Data Centre, DR site, Internet Banking, Network Management, Data Warehouse, Document Management, IT Security Management etc.
General Manager Mr. R. Kandasamy
Email Id gm.dit@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-2571 0500
Fax number 022-25704132


Department Corporate Communications
Area of Operation The Bank’s communication with outside world related to publicity, its planning & execution.
General Manager Mrs. Monika Kalia
Email Id gm.ccd@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-22892530
Fax number 022-22823628


Department Support Services & Branch Expansion
Area of Operation Anything related to non-financial assets of the Bank, their procurement & maintenance. Br.Exp: Branch expansion and related matters.
General Manager Mr. Ishraq Ali Khan
Email Id gm.ssd@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022 – 2289 2500
Fax number 022-22823628


Department Human Resources
Area of Operation Human Resources Management
General Manager Mr. R.R. Mohanty
Email Id gm.hrm@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-2289 6200
Fax number 022-22024767


Department Large Corporate & Loan Syndication
Area of Operation All credit processing/sanctions for Large Corporate
General Manager Mr. V. V. Shenoy
Email Id gm.lc@unionbankofindia.com
Telephone Number 022-2289 6800
Fax number 022-22851167


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