How to cancel your Plusnet broadband the easy way

How to cancel your Plusnet broadband the easy way

Plusnet is a well-reputed mobile, landline, and broadband service provider in the United Kingdom. Being a subsidiary of the BT Group, the company was founded in 1999. As of the current day, Plusnet broadband Service more than two million customers across the UK and is also one of the largest broadband service providers in the country.

With Plusnet, you get access to a wide variety of broadband solutions, from standard ADSL connections to high-speed fibre optics. According to customer reports, Plusnet broadband Service are always competitively priced, offering good value for the money you are spending. Also, the company has invested quite aggressively in its customer service department in the last couple of years, ultimately enjoying a stellar reputation.

However, certain aspects of Plusnet broadband Service could use some improvement. For starters, the full-fibre upload speeds provided are not that great, which can prove to be a deal-breaker for users who are into content creation like YouTube. This is because YouTube requires good upload speeds for your videos to get uploaded on your channel, and a setback in that space can make your life hectic.

Additionally, the router that is provided by the company for its full-fibre connections needs to be upgraded as well. This is because your router serves as the primary internet gateway inside your home for all your mobile devices. Thus, having a slower router or a router that does not extend signals well across your residential space can prove to be a bummer because it will affect your daily usage patterns.

However, if you have already made up your mind to move away from Plusnet broadband Service, then the section below with cancellation steps can be helpful. But, before you decide to cancel your Plusnet broadband subscription, you can try troubleshooting any issue that you might be facing, by visiting the official “Report A Fault” link here.

What is Plusnet’s Cancellation Terms?

The cancellation policy for Plusnet broadband states that any non-business service obtained from Plusnet can be cancelled within 14 days from the date of signing up. However, if you want to meet the above-mentioned cancellation clause, the notice of cancellation must be communicated either via call or mail before the expiry of the 14 days.

It should be known that when you cancel your Plusnet broadband Service within the aforementioned period, you will still have to pay for the service that you have used so far, including any installation, activation, and/or connection charges. Additionally, you also have to return any equipment leased to you, such as WiFi routers, Ethernet cables, etc. On the other hand, if you had taken advantage of any offer that included free installation, activation, and/or connection, you would have had to pay the normal charges that had been incurred before your cancellation.

All leased equipment must be returned in the undamaged and original packaging after the cancellation of services, only after which a refund will be provided for the amount that you had paid for the equipment (including delivery costs). In any case, if the leased equipment is returned in a damaged state or in a state that shows that it was used more than what is deemed necessary, then your refund amount will be reduced.

Alternatively, if you have a minimum-term agreement and you wish to cancel at the end of or during your agreement, then a 14-day notice period must be communicated as well. Cancellation before the end of your minimum-term agreement will attract an ETF or Early Termination Fee. To know more about Plusnet’s ETF and how it is calculated, visit the official web page here.

What are the Steps to Cancel Plusnet Broadband?

If you are planning to put an end to your Plusnet broadband Service subscription service, then you can do so by following the recommended steps provided below.

Start the cancellation process by first calling the customer care at 0800 432 0200.
Navigate through the on-call options and proceed to select the option to talk to a live agent.
Once a customer service executive connects to your call, provide your name, address, and phone number.
The customer care representative will then retrieve your account details, after which you have to provide details of the broadband service that you want to cancel, such as plans and equipment, and the date on which they were ordered.
The customer care agent may also ask you the reason for your cancellation.
Once you have provided all the necessary information, the customer care representative will then register a cancellation request.
After the cancellation is successful, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered phone number.
You can also cancel your broadband service by first printing and filling out the cancellation form, and then mailing the same to the following address: Plusnet PLC, The Balance, 2 Pinfold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GU.

For any additional queries, you can get in touch with the general company customer support at 0800 432 0200. Phone lines are open from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Sunday.

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