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Avast and Norton Support Number UK are two of the most well-established antivirus providers in the market today. They both deliver effective tools for protection against malware and viruses, with additional tools for privacy and performance as well. Avast is a simple and easy-to-use tool with a free edition alongside its premium plan, while Norton Customer Service UK is feature-rich and flexible but devoid of a free plan.

But which one is best for you? It depends what you need most in your antivirus solution:

• Avast: Best for crucial security features and straightforward pricing plans that are suitable for remote workers.
• Norton: Best for delivering value to small businesses with up to 10 devices.

Avast vs. Norton at a glance

Avast and Norton Customer Service UK continue to stand the test of time in the antivirus market, as they continue evolving to provide effective and high-quality solutions.

With hundreds of millions of subscribers globally, Avast is one of the top choices for protecting devices against malware and other internet threats. It possesses an array of effective features to secure its customers, such as a malware-scanning engine offering real-time detection of threats.

Norton Customer Service UK on the other hand delivers an expansive set of security tools for the protection of its users against malware, spyware, viruses, and more. Its antivirus solution is augmented by impressive performance and privacy tools that ensure that it continues to stand out not only as an antivirus solution but as a cybersecurity solution.

When it comes to comparing prices, Avast easily beats Norton. It offers simple pricing plans with three tiers: Avast One Essential (free), Avast One, and Premium Security. Avast One is also available for a 30-day free trial.

Avast plan Devices Cost per year
Avast One Essential 1 Free
Avast One 5 / 30 $99.99 / $139.99
Premium Security 1 / 10 $79.99 / $99.99

Norton offers a variety of plans ranging from Norton Customer Service UK AntiVirus to Norton 360 products. Although Norton’s free trial is available for all of its products, it only lasts for 7 days, and payment information is required upfront. Its subscription approach is also quite inflexible compared to Avast. Norton does not have a free antivirus product, with its only free tools consisting of Norton Power Eraser, a virus and malware removal tool, and Norton Password Manager.

Norton plan Devices Cost (first year only)
Norton AntiVirus Plus 1 $19.99
Norton 360 Standard 3 $39.99
Norton 360 Deluxe 5 $49.99
Norton 360 with LifeLock Select 10 $99.99

Although it may not appear that Avast is priced competitively compared to Norton, keep in mind that Norton’s prices increase dramatically in the second and subsequent subscription years (e.g., to $59.99 for Plus and $179.99 for LifeLock). Avast also has frequent sales that lower their first-year cost below Norton’s as well. With those considerations, Avast emerges as the clear winner.

Best for core features: Norton Customer Service UK

Both Avast and Norton offer a wealth of features that complement their antivirus tools. However, Norton edges ahead of Avast because of the variety of its core features and their applicability in different use cases.

The core features of both companies include antivirus, malware, ransomware, and hacking protection, but Norton Customer Service UK adds a password manager and cloud backup. Additional features at higher tiers, such dark web monitoring and parental controls set it further apart from Avast. Also, one of its core features, the 100% Virus Protection Promise, offers a service that guarantees completes virus removal or customers are entitled to a refund. Finally, its Select plan with LifeLock provides identity theft protection in addition to all of its other security features.
Avast offers a very helpful Device Lock feature which assists a user to locate a lost device and lock it down from unauthorized access, but most of its other features are also included in Norton’s plans.

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