Etihad Airways Customer Service Transitions To Amadeus UK

Just in time for its 20th anniversary, Etihad Airways Customer Service uk announced that it has completed a transition of its system to Amadeus Altéa on Monday. The carrier said the undertaking was its largest technology project in the last ten years.

With the move, the new system now manages all flights operated by the airline between its hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport and its network of global airports. The switchover happened overnight on March 8th.

“The tools we need”

Amadeus Altéa is a complete passenger service system that offers airlines full reservation, inventory, and departure control capabilities. The suite of travel technology gives passengers a faster and simpler check-in and boarding process. It shapes a new era of guest experience that offers travelers greater flexibility and control over how they book and manage their flights. Next-generation retailing and inventory management capabilities also provide travel partners with a more dynamic experience.

Etihad’s Chief Executive Officer, Antonoaldo Neves, said the new system is just what the airline needs.

“As we mark the 20th anniversary of the birth of our airline, Amadeus provides us with the tools we need to continue enhancing our guest experience and improving our operations into the future. It will mean further upgrading the digital experience we offer our customers when booking online through or using our mobile app and self-service tools, giving them even greater control and flexibility in managing their journey.”

Neves also mentioned that the system benefits Etihad Airways Customer Service uk partners in the business.

“It also gives our valued partners in the travel industry a much richer, relevant and dynamic shopping experience, and supports our continued journey with them.”

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A huge undertaking

With Amadeus Altéa fully working, Etihad said passengers can use all online services by visiting its website or the mobile app. Travelers can also utilize services through their travel agent, including flight booking, check-in, upgrades, and GuestSeat redemption bookings.

“The move to Amadeus has been the largest IT project we have undertaken in the last decade with more than 100 IT processes moved over, and over 6,000 colleagues trained to use the new system,” Neves said. “Every single element of the transition was planned and rehearsed with scrupulous testing at every stage. I want to thank all our colleagues and business partners who worked so hard to make this happen. Etihad Airways Customer Service uk”

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